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tv   Fox 5 Morning News 5  FOX  September 14, 2017 5:00am-6:00am EDT

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>> ♪ >> this is fox5 news morning. >> today on fox5 news morning the search for a missing pregnant teacher ends with the arrest of her boyfriend and several unanswered questions. >> let's agree to disagree. president trump and democrats agree to fix daca but disagree on the best way to make it happen. >> live look outside. we are expecting another day of rain and some of us could even see some storms: sunshine this morning, though. good morning to you. thanks for joining us. >> it is thursday, september 14th. >> all right. mike thomas is talking about our weather, erin como talking about our roads. already an accident in southwest. she's going to talk about that but mike let's get the headline from you first. >> not a washout today but we have the chance for popping a shower or storm at just about any time. highs today around 80. hey, erin.
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>> a new crash 270 southbound by middlebrook causing delays. tracking big problems on the case truck. big delays spilling onto 395 northbound. >> 5:01 right now. we'll start with the breaking news out of southwest d.c. where we are still following some early morning traffic troubles. >> parts of the southeast-southwest freeway is slow moving this morning. our annie yu is live on the scene with the latest. annie, what can you tell us. >> reporter: holly and maureen, the ramp that leads to you southeast-southwest freeway literally just opened up a few minutes ago. here it is. traffic moving slowly off the ramp but you are moving so that's the good news. bad news, there are significant delays on the bridge of course because this had been closed for several hours early this morning and what we're hearing is that it was a big truck carrying concrete and it lost some of its load somehow and so you had crews out here literally cleaning up the debris brushing it off the bridges and the roadway here for several hours. crews still on the scene. so you're going to have to ki
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maneuver around it but good news, ramp opened. now, it also caused significant delays as you get on 14 street because that was your only bailout before when these lanes were closed and so 14th street is backed up as well. but all lanes opened now. it's just now getting through the backups here and traffic is moving. back to you guys in the studio. >> annie thank you for that update. we'll check in with you in just a few. new this morning at 5:02 we have been following breaking news from alexandria. two people stabbed early this morning in the 900 block of north henry street. both victims were taken to the hospital and a suspect is in custody. expect to see police activity in the area as the investigation continues this morning. >> ♪ and also a desperate search coming to a tragic end. the body of a missing pregnant teacher from that olney found yesterday in a shallow grave. >> a suspect charged with her murder and it's someone she knew very well. fox5's annie yu in montgome
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>> reporter: it was the answer i think nobody wanted to hear but so many questions answered yesterday as well. not really giving any comfort, though. we did learn more about that troubling text as well. turns out montgomery county police say it came from laura's boyfriend, tyler tessier pretending to be laura using her phone. that was labor day. he's now under arrest for the popular teacher's murder. just days ago tessier appeared at a news conference next to the wallen family. police now admit that was a bit of a setup. >> the decision to allow him to participate in that news conference was a calculated decision made by the detectives in this case for the express purpose of hearing what he had to say. it was done with the approval and knowledge of the victim's family. >> reporter: can you imagine how difficult that must have been for them?
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31-year-old laura wallen's body was that found in a shallow grave in damascus. the farm property belongs to one of tessier's friend. police say tessier made many trips there over the last week. over labor day weekend police say laura texted a friend saying tyler had taken her to some kind of field. police believe laura wallen was killed that sunday september 3rd. now, you may recall that laura's car was found in columbia, maryland, and during that press conference last night, police said that tessier admitted to driving laura's car there, removing the front license plate and also disposing of that, her cell phone and her driver's license. live outside montgomery county police headquarters, i'm melanie alnwick, fox5 local news. >> thanks, mel. 5:04 is our time right now. let's talk politics. chuck schumer and house minority leader nancy pelosi say they've reached a deal
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dreamer's act a the new deal would enshrine protections for the nearly 800,000 immigrants brought illegally to this country as children who had ben from itd from former president barack obama's program. it would include border security but not the funding to the construction of a border wall. >> president trump working with democrats to get tax reform legislation passed this year. one of the main focuses up for discussion is cutting taxes for businesses and the middle class. president trump also has had bad news for high income earners. they won't likely benefit from tax reform and in some cases might pay more. the framework for tax relief is set to be released sometime next week. >> 5:05 is our time. mike i have to say you were so right yesterday. i literally went into a parking garage and it was like cloudy and gray and i came out of the parking garage a little bit later, sunshine. it was like summer. >> oh, good. >> afternoon sun. you promised it and we got it. >> i'm glad to hear that every now and then. we'll try again today t hey, sate
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probably not as much sun as we got late yesterday afternoon because it's irma remnants day. it's moving off to the north and west, the center is, and that's what's causing the instability and showers today. have some on and off this morning and some on and off this afternoon. grab the umbrella. you won't need it every minute of the day today. here's temperatures outside right now. mild, humid, 70 degrees in washington as well as quantico, annapolis 72 degrees, gaithersburg 67 as well as manassas this morning its a warm sticky start. it will be a warm sticky afternoon. 79 degrees in d.c. but those dewpoints will be around 70 as well so it will help to it feel warmer than that. fredericksburg 80. we're dodging showers and maybe a rumble or two of thunder later today t that's a check of your forecast. erin como has your roads. >> visit buy a for special offers. >> 5:06 right now. live look at some slow moving traffic. we've had team coverage with
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this is as you approach the inbound side of the case bridge. the ramp has reopened. now, the right lane is still blocked because of a disabled concrete truck that spilled some of its load onto that portion of your drive. traffic had been at a complete stand still back to 110. fourteenth street was the best work around so 14th street also very heavy right now. anticipate bigger delays coming up 395 northbound because of the lanes still blocked on the case bridge. we'll track this this morning for you. but get an early start or find an alternate if that's your normal route this morning. as we switch things over for a look at our maps down to 20 miles an hour as you try to get past that area. jumping up to a yellow zone. we're hoping those big delays ease. fourteenth street still dealing with a lot of bailout traffic. 270 southbound an earlier crash blocking the left lane before middlebrook lane. it has moved over to the seven. but for 5:07 that's heavy traffic coming from germantown down. average speeds under 20 miles per hour and it's jam packed this morning. 355 still quiet. you can try tha
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alternate. you already need 20 extra minutes to get from frederick through the germantown area. we also have a crash in the brentwood area between 43rd avenue and baltimore avenue. all lanes are blocked. we'll keep you updated on that crash on bladensburg road. back to you guys. >> thank you, erin, coming up, authorities are trying to piece together what prompted a student to shoot up his washington high school. >> and the cleveland indians make american league history. >> heading to break, a live look across the d.c. region. it's 5:08, 69 degrees. we're back with more news, weather and traffic. >> ♪ >> ♪♪
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>> ♪ >> developing overnight a horrific scene at a school in malaysia. at least 24 people are dead, most of them teenagers after a massive fire consumed a boy's dormitory. firefighters say the flames blocked the only exit out of a second exit was blocked by a wall. 22 boys between the ages of 13 and 17 were killed along with two teachers. 14 other students and a teacher are hospitalized in critical condition. >> police in washington state are trying to figure out a possible motive behind a deadly high school shooting this morning. officials at freeman high school say one student was killed, three more sent to the hospital on wednesday. the accused shooter a sophomore is now in custody. the investigation is in t
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early stages and authorities have not yet released the ages of the victims. this is the 31st school shooting of 2017. >> a man accused in the brutal christmas day murder of yoga instructor tricia mccauley pleaded guilty in d.c. superior court. adrian johnson admitting raping and strangling her before stuffing her body in the back of her car and driving around the city. five dna samples taken from the actresses' body were an exact match to dna. johnson had been ordered to wear an ankle bracelet in the days before the murder. he's facing 30 years in prison. >> former pharmaceutical executive martin shkreli was that sent to jail after a judge revoked this bail. he offered $5,000 for a strand of hillary clinton hair through a facebook post which the judge perceived as a threat. shkreli is best known for hiking up the price of a drug by 5,000 percent.
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an american league record on wednesday facing detroit jay bruce belting a three run homer to give the indians a three-one lead. they go on to beat detroit five to three for their 21st straight win setting an american league record. >> good for them. >> uh-huh. >> coming up on fox5 news morning, fans are thrown out of fenway park after hanging an antiracism sign on the green monster. >> and denny's revealing a new mascot only to have it roasted on social media. >> and as we head to break, let's go ahead and look live across the d.c. region on this thursday morning. 5:11 is our time right now, 69 degrees. we got more weather and traffic and news, too t-on the other side. >> ♪ [music playing]
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dr. ralph northam was an army doctor and a volunteer medical director at a children's hospice. he passed the virginia law requiring concussion standards for school sports. the smoking ban in restaurants. and dr. northam is working to connect veterans to good paying jobs in virginia. ed gillespie is a washington dc corporate lobbyist. he shows up for whoever pays him. >> 5:13 is the time and a look at the stories we are following for you today. the body of a missing pregnant teacher from olney has been found. police believe laura wallen was killed last sunday and buried in a field in damascus by her boyfriend t
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he was introduced to the public on monday as the father of her unborn child. laura's family was seen holding his hand and comforting him but police say it was all a ruse to get tessier to talk. >> president trump heads to the sunshine state this morning to survey the damage left in the wake of hurricane irma. this is the long road to recovery continues throughout the state. many residents are still without power. officials say eight residents in a nursing home were killed after being left without air conditioning in sweltering conditions. an investigation is now under way. >> the president heads to florida today after striking a deal with congressional democratic leaders but exactly we'll agreed to may be a matter of interpretation this morning t last night senate minority leader chuck schumer and house minority leader nancy pelosi said they reached a deal with the president to turn the dreamers act into law. the new deal would intensify protections for the nearly 800,000 immigrants brought to the country illegally as kids. the other part of the deal was increase border security.
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would be without a border wall. the white house press secretary sanders later tweeted excluding the wall was certainly not agreed to. after that a spokesman for schumer tweeted that the president made it clear that he would keep pushing for that wall just not as part of this agreement. >> ♪ >> quarter past of the hour right now, looking live outside. it's 69 degrees but it's heavy out there. >> yeah, definitely, it's feeling like summer. >> exactly. >> a little bit more like what we didn't feel like to end summer. association here we go. officially it still is. i think we got another week left. i think it officially begins on the 22nd this year. i'll double-check on that date. at the very end of summer we're starting to feel a little summer-like. we'll have some scattered showers and thunderstorms this afternoon. we have a few scattered showers out there right now. let's switch over to radar here showing you showers coming across -- they're moving at a pretty good clip off to the north and to the east. you got another batch along the i-81 corridor that looks like it's just going to pass to the northwest, maybe brush so
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here in washington. you won't need the umbrella every minute of the day but i suggest you take it. we have irma's remnants right here in ohio and that's what's grabbing some of this moisture and helping to lift things in the atmosphere to give us the showers this morning. and it will give us the chance of some thunderstorms as well as we head into the afternoon hours. peaks of sunshine are possible this afternoon but probably not as much as we broke into late yesterday afternoon. again, decent chance of showers and storms later today as well. 70's and 80's for daytime highs. as holly mentioned it's sticky out there. not just this morning but this afternoon as well. here's your futurecast. you see all the clouds dug in. 8 o'clock this morning looks like it's trying to dry us out. looks like the lunchtime hours should get through okay, maybe some patchy drizzle out there but not too much in the way of the heavier rainfall. we get to the 5 o'clock hour, there's some showers and ma ebmaybeeven a rumble of thunder popping out to the west and those will try to move into the district through the early evening hours. let's check out josé. it's
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loop deloop that's it's been doing the last couple days and now it's going to try to track off to the north and west. we'll watch it. right now still not a threat until then but getting close in a few models. if anything changes we'll let you know. 70 degrees your current temp in washington. many locations waking a up to temperatures in the 60's but as mentioned before it's rather sticky and humid out. don't think you need the jacket this morning. 79 for your thursday time high. again watch out for those showers and stormsall the way through the weekend now we have the chance of showers. i don't want to scare anybody with this. does look actually pretty sunny this week. we could just pop a stray shower here and there. that's a check of the weather. erin is back this morning with the roads. >> that's right. 5:17. it's been a rough thursday morning drive already. we'll start you off with the good news. we're improving 395 northbound. we had a disabled concrete truck and cleanup on the case bridge closing all lanes as well as the hov ramp. the hov ramp reopened and we have one right lane blocked over the case bridge right now. speeds up to 16 miles an hour. that's a big
5:18 am
still sluggish back to 110. things have improved as you try to approach gw parkway. residual delays on the 14th street side. as we move things over to 270 southbound, still some very big delays. we had an earlier crash 270 southbound before middlebrook road blocking the left lane. it moved over to the left shoulder but we're still seeing a very big slowdown. also earlier construction north of that point in that area. look what we're up against in terms of volume its about a 20 minute delay from frederick down through germantown this morning. factor in that time. get an earlier stock. it's not even 5:30 yet so i don't like that yet. bladensburg road between 43rd avenue and baltimore avenue all lanes blocked with that crash. metro is on time. lots to talk about this morning. maureen and holly. >> thank you. 5:18. let's take a look at the stories you are engaging with the most this morning on social media.
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realtime news tracker. hey, whiz. >> unfurled over the big green monster at last night's red sox game. three fans held up this sign that reads "racism is american as baseball." the fans were immediately kicked out of the stadium for that stunt. meanwhile here in the district the health department is investigating medstar washington hospital center after reports of unsanitary leaks in the operating room. now, the hospital is the go-to location for congress and the white house. it was where representative steve scalise had his last surgery after being shot at the congressional baseball game in june. widespread backlash over a startup company in silicon valley. the company called bodega launched a line of smart vending machines for apartments gyms and offices but many people say the startup is promoting cultural appropriation and will end up killing off neighborhood corner stores. next up, a dress code debacle in missouri after a teenaged girl is kicked out of the cla
5:20 am
being too busty. the 17-year-old was wearing this long sleeve top when her teacher told her leave the classroom for inappropriate clothing. the female teacher allegedly also told the student that smaller busted women could get away with more than larger busted women. the school district is investigating. >> ♪ denny's new mascot is getting a lot of attention on social media. the restaurant picked out a sausage link to be the new face of their grand slam breakfast but the internet seem to think it looks like something else. denny's marketing chief say they have no plans to change that mascot but many think they should dump this one and go with option number two instead. >> we're not going to say anything because it would that land us in hr. we'll move on. >> wisdom martin this morning. thank you. 5:20 is the time. coming up on fox5 news morning, the holiday season already on the minds of retailers. >> and all you can eat pasta ck
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you but there's one small catch. >> oh, man, always a catch. heading to break, a live look across the d.c. region. that denny's story. i know you're thinking about it. 5:21 is the time. >> grand slam. >> listen, stop it. 69 degrees. we're back after this. >> just the facts, maureen. [laughter] >> back after this. >> ♪ >> ♪♪
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>> it's only september and target is already thinking about the holiday season. the retailer said yesterday that it plans to hire 100,000 temporary employees for the holiday shopping season. that's a big boost from the 70,000 they hired last year. this increase comes as target continues to compete against other retail giants like amazon and wal-mart. >> another way to tell the holidays will soon be here. yankee candle has released its 2017 aen
5:24 am
yeah, the company makes an advent calendar in case you didn't know it. it's full of candles, too. there are 24 different scented candles leading up to christmas. scent includes perfect tree snow flake crystal. >> those candles smell good. >> yes, they do. >> gamers can see a major comeback in the near future. nintendo says the retro version of nes classic division will hit the stores in 2018. the japanese gaming firm shocked fans by mysteriously pulling the plug in april. >> attention past is a lovers. olive garden all you can eat pasta is back -- it is coming back. starting today you can try and nab a pass but here's the catch. you can only have 30 minutes beginning at 2:00 p.m. to get your hands on one of the 22,000 passes. they cost $150, good for eight weeks of unlimited pasta. olive garden says last year pasta passes were gobbled up in
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existed. >> i didn't either. i just thought you showed up and got all you can eat. remember when like olive olive garden was the place your foray into fine dining, that and red lobster. >> that's like second, third date material. >> fancy. >> have you gone lately. >> no, i haven't, thank you for asking. >> and when he gets that pass its on, right, when you get that pass. >> i think that's because the first date is at like mcdonald's. >> so you don't get to the secondment. >> pace yourself. >> i got to work on that. heiress satellite and radar showing clouds and showers as well but of the light variety but kind of a pain as you get off to work and school especially north and west. reagan national is at 70 degrees this morning, dulles at 66. bwi 66 as well. it's humid and sticky as we start the day. we had a lot of fog last night.
5:26 am
not seeing too many reports this morning but watch out here and there. can't rule out an isolated area of some reduced visibility. all right, by 11 o'clock, 74 degrees. maybe a peak of sun here or there this afternoon but mostly just clouds. highs today right around that 80-degree mark. that's weather. erin is back this morning with traffic. >> improved conditions at 5:26 approaching the case bridge on the inbound side. we had a concrete truck out there that spilled its load on the road and right now the right lane's blocked but because the left lanes are getting by and the hov ramp has opened on the big delay as eased. fourteenth street and gw parkway back to normal. i like what we're seeing on the inbound side of tur of yourcommute. as we forward things along seeing delays lingering but improving. 270 on the sobbed side we had se had an earlier crash. we're up to 24 miles per hour. look at that congestion in our
5:27 am
you can see how heavy things are. coming down from frederick right now it's about a 15 minute delay getting into germantown. watch out for that one. we'll take a look out at brentwood, bladensburg road dealing with a crash scene by 43rd avenue. metro is on time. any questions at erin fox5 d.c. on twitter. holly and maureen. >> researchers believe they've made a major break through in preventing the spread of hiv/aids. >> a new effort in maryland to increase the new renewable energy sources across the state. >> a live look across the d.c. region this thursday morning. 5:27 is our time right now. come on people, we are over the hump on our way towards the weekend. working for the weekend, right? 69 degrees. fox5 news morning coming right back after this. >> ♪ >> ♪♪
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ralph northam: i'm ralph northam, candidate for governor and i sponsored this ad narrator: ed gillespie says dr. ralph northam doesn't show up? dr. ralph northam was an army doctor and a volunteer medical director at a children's hospice. he passed the virginia law requiring concussion standards for school sports. the smoking ban in restaurants. and dr. northam is working to connect veterans to good paying jobs in virginia. ed gillespie is a washington dc corporate lobbyist. he shows up for whoever pays him.
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>> the search for a missing pregnant teacher ends with the arrest of her boyfriend and several unanswered questions. surveying the damage, president trump heads to florida to see the destruction left behind by hurricane irma. let's agree to disagree. president trump and democrats agree to fix daca but disagree on the best way to make it happen. fox5 news morning starts right now. >> ♪ >> this is fox5 news morning. >> good morning to you. thank you very much for joining us. >> it is thursday, september 14th. >> all right. mike thomas talking weather, erin como is doing traffic as well but we always start with mike thomas. good morning, mike. >> hey, guys, it's warm, it's stick
5:31 am
it feels like summertime out there. couple showers coming across this morning. hey erin. >> i need that second cup of coffee. it's been busy. you can see the volume in the camera behind me on 270 southbound. full look at traffic. got you covered this morning. >> we'll check back with both of you in a few. if you're just getting up at 5:30 let's catch you up on the top stories. new this morning, alexandria police remain on the scene of a double stabbing. take a look. our cameras are there in the 900 block of north henry street. the two victims were stabbed around 2:30 this morning. they're now at the hospital and a suspect is in custody. it's unclear, though, how long police will stay out there. we'll keep you posted. >> this morning, it's news no one wanted to hear. the body of a missing pregnant teacher from olney was found yesterday buried in a shallow grave. >> police have charged a suspect with murder and it's someone the public has already met. fox5's melanie alnwick with
5:32 am
heartbreaking case. >> reporter: good morning, holly and wisdom. that suspect is laura's boyfriend aren and the father of her unborn child. his name is tyler tessier. police say he dumped her car in columbia and asked a friend to help him clean up a mess. it was noon yesterday when detectives and cadaver dogs found laura wallen's body buried in a shallow grave. the property off price's distillery road in damascus belongs to a friend of tessier. police had been tracking him and said he made several visits there over the last week. 31-year-old laura wallen was last heard from on labor day. we now know that that troubling text that she sent her sister actually came from tessier using laura's phone pretending to be her. tessier appeared at a wallen -- with the wallen family at a press conference a few days ago. all the while detectives were watching him very closely. >> we determined that mr. tessier was the last person known to have been with the victi
5:33 am
surveillance camera video on saturday september 2nd in a grocery store near the victim's home. it is suspected by investigators that she was killed the next day. >> reporter: now, fox5 has also confirmed through sources that tessier had also been living with another woman and that laura had recently found out about that. now, as for the unborn child, we did ask chief manger if charges would be brought in that instance and he said that would be up to the state's attorney's office. live outside montgomery county police headquarters, i'm melanie alnwick, fox5 local news. >> all right, mel, thank you very much. time right now is 5:33. politics now. president trump heads to florida this morning to survey the damage left in the wake of hurricane irma. now, the president will visit the hard hit naples and fort myers areas. now millions remain without power. a major issue which has led to a big tragedy. officials say eight residents at a nursing home died after being lef
5:34 am
conditioning in sweltering conditions and an investigation is now under way. >> the president heads out of town after striking a major deal with congressional democratic leaders but exactly what was agreed to may be a matter of interpretation this morning. senator -- senate minority leader, excuse me, chuck schumer and house minority leader nancy pelosi said last night they had reached a deal with the president to turn the dreamers act into law. the new deal would intensify protections for the nearly 800,000 immigrants brought to this country illegally who had ben from itd from president barack obama's daca program. the democrats said it would be without a border wall. white house press secretary sara huckabee sanders later tweeted excluding the wall was certainly not agreed to and after that, a spokesman for schumer tweeted, the president made clear he would keep pushing for the wall just not part of this agreement. >> time right now is 5:34. a new campaign is in the works in maryland to require half of the state's energy to come
5:35 am
from renewable sources by 2022. this comes one month after state lawmakers voted to override governor larry hogan's veto of a bill to require a quarter of the state's electricity comes from renewable sources by 2020. >> time for our little walk over here. >> stroll to the weather department. >> stroll to the weather department. >> welcome. >> a stroll in summer like temperatures if you head out. >> it's going to be nasty. dewpoints back up in the 70's which is where they were in july so it's kind of what it feels like as you step outside this morning. won't see a lot of sun today, sorry to say. may see peaks here and there but same thing as summertime. sunshine and st sticky weather s not going to feel so good. we're drying out here and for the moment in d.c. we do have another batch just off to the west of town and it's going to try its best to slide to our north and west up through montgomery county, frederick county in maryland. we'll see if
5:36 am
clipped especially on the western half of kind of the western half of the beltway there. moving forward, if i can, i might not be able to, we're going to have your forecast coming up here in a couple minutes and we'll give you the latest on what you can expect in terms of your friday and your weekend coming up in, again, just a couple more minutes. all right, that's a check of the weather. erin is back with traffic this morning. >> that's right. 5:36 and it is definitely a busy morning. getting a map built for you in alexandria. police investigation route one and montgomery street. that is impacting traffic in both directions. there's also a crash in brentwood bladensburg road still shut down between 43rd and baltimore avenue. all lanes blocked. you have to detour around that. traffic on the rest of your secondaries, 202 and bladensburg looking good. we'll keep you updated on that one. the case bridge there was a concrete truck that was carrying a load that spilled. right now one lane is blocked. two lanes getting by on the inbound side. no major delays coming from 395 northbound right now. i'll let you know if that changes. no delays on metro if you want to skip the roads and take the rails this morning. and taking a wide
5:37 am
seeing a little bit avenue slowdown building 295 southbound by pennsylvania avenue. other than that the beltway is looking good and 270 delays easing after an earlier crash by middlebrook road cleared. back to you guys. >> 5:36 is the time. coming up, researchers believe they made a major break through in preventing the spread of hiv/aids. >> and professional football just got a lot safer. well, at least in canada. >> we're going to break with a live look across the dmv at 5:37. 69 is the temp. back in a moment. >> ♪ >> ♪♪
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>> ♪ >> there you go. that will get you moving on a thursday morning. welcome back to fox5 news morning. we're glad you're with us this thursday, september 14th. 5:40 is our time right now. don't put away that rain gear just yet. some of us could see an isolated storm or two later today. mike thomas is up in four minutes with your full thursday forecast. >> a major blow in the fight against the overdose epidemic. new figures show the rate of drug overdose deaths is up more than 20 percent in the first months of 2017. between february of last year and february of this year, nearly 65,000 americans died of an overdose compared to nearly 54,000 deaths the year before. experts blame the increase on the lack of education abo
5:41 am
treatment options. >> an effective hiv vaccine may be a short step away now that scientists have overcome a major roadblock. experts say they generated immune cells that stay in circulation to stop the virus from spreading. scientists believe in the future it should be possible to produce vaccines that stimulate long lasting b cell responses against hiv. >> nfl taken steps to promote player safety but the canadian football league announced they're eliminating pads from all preseason practices. it will limit contact to games only. when asked if the nfl two consider a policy similar to the cfl a spokesman said we are eager to discuss health and safety matters and all other issues covered by the cba. >> and then he laughed. [laughter] >> checks are too big, we're not changing
5:42 am
>> they're hitting with pads. >> right. >> coming up, it is mid september but we're already planning for christmas ceremonies in our region. >> and hbo and the producers of the "game of thrones" have come up with a plan they hope will prevent future leaks of their shows. >> a live look across the d.c. region. 5:42 is our time. 69 degrees. we're right back after this. don't go anywhere. >> ♪ >> ♪♪
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>> ♪ >> theme song for a lot of us. [laughter] >> working on it daily. >> that's right. got to have a j-o-b if you want to be with me. nothing going on but the rent regardless of the weather. >> exactly. >> 5:45 is our time right now. oh, look at that. >> here we go. i got to get the blood flowing this morning. like i was telling you guys during the break i'm feeling a little thursday funk. i got to get moving. >> that was pretty funky. >> i've been told that many times. >> all right checking the weather this morning, more clouds than sun today, certainly what we have out there right now is a lot of cloud cover and even a few showers scattered showers and storms today t staying warm and humid all the way through the weekend unfortunately if you don't like that humidity, yo
5:46 am
ac's off for the rest of the season, not done just yet just 'cause it's going to be on the warm side of things. weekend showers are possible now once again. we had to bring them back into the forecast but the weekend still looks sunny and bright. it's just the threat of one or two crossing the region that we have to watch out for. you can see the spin in the atmosphere through ohio. we had dry air get dragged up yesterday. that's why we were able to break up into sunshine. that has since moved out. and we'll have unsettled weather around for the daytime hours today. here's high res satellite and radar this morning showing one batch that moved through early. we had another batch just off here to the west. looks like it mostly wants to slide north and west of town. montgomery county looks like you're headed for showers, frederick county up to carroll county in maryland showers on the way here. it's what's left of irma. that's this area of low pressure moving through the ohio valley pushing up through pennsylvania as we head through the day today. that's going to give us our best chance probably all for the next four or five days of showers
5:47 am
progressively we get better every day from here. 70's and 80's your daytime highs, humid 70's and 80's, though. you can kind of already feel it as you step outside this morning its thick out there. all right, here's your futurecast. lots of clouds today. chance of showers popping up especially second half of the afternoon into the evening. starting out west i-81 corridor and then trying to push across d.c. again, 7, 8, 9 o'clock they'll take the best chance of that. quick check of josé still a hurricane this morning, winds of 75. still expected the miss the united states. it's just a close enough pass that we really want to keep an eye on it here just in case 'cause remember that track could impact the u.s. nothing like that yet but we'll keep our eye on the -- on the forecast there. 70 degrees your current number in d.c. right now. up to 79 today. 80's sticking around through the weekend. that's a check of the forecast. the forecast. >> all right, 5:47 right now. keep in mind del
5:48 am
an earlier disabled concrete truck blocking the right lane on the inbound side of the case bridge. as you try to get to the third street tunnel you have some slowdowns. this will cause bailout traffic on the 14th street side of things. hov ramp is reopened but give yourself extra time. it's still an area of concern this morning because the one right lane is still blocked. in northwest, keep in mind the unit block of m street is still shut down for police activity. you'll need to detour around that. in alexandria more police activity impacting your commute route one at montgomery county street. traffic is getting by but one lane in both directions blocked u.s. one, route one at montgomery street, caution there. any questions for your commute at erin fox5 d.c. on twitter. bladensburg road impacted by a trash. metro is on time. lots to get to, guys. wisdom on holly. >> 5:48 is the time right now. the attorney for freddie gray's family is speaking out
5:49 am
decision not to bring federal charges against any officers in gray's death. the doj says there wasn't enough evidence to pursue a civil rights case. the police union says the officers should have never been charged in the first place. gray died in april 2015 after suffering a spinal cord injury in the back of a baltimore police van. his family and attorney spokesperson they spoke with the justice department to understand how they reached this conclusion. >> and admittedly we were skeptical. we were prepared to believe given the views espoused by our attorney general, and i'll leave it at that, that this had been nothing more than a white wash or a political decision. but we have to admit that we left satisfied with the investigation. >> gray's death led to unrest around the country and rioting in baltimore. the six officers connected to
5:50 am
gray's death were charged by the baltimore city-states attorney. three were acquitted and another case ended in a mistrial before all remaining charges were dropped. >> in richmond authorities are planning a weapons free assembly zone around the confederate statue of robert e. lee on monument avenue. it's a precaution ahead of any potential violence at a rally like the one last month in charlottesville. this weekend another rally is that planned in support of preserving confederate monuments in richmond. so far only about 50 people have signaled they plan to attend the richmond rally. >> time right now 5:50. the aclu is now challenging the border patrol searches of phones and laptops. they say the searches are a warrantless. the aclu client's are made up of military veteran engineer journalist and students. they say government officials took their devices for several weeks and months.& some have yet to get their phones back. the aclu says none of their clients have been given valid explanations. if a device is taken ice can search through it and save the
5:51 am
>> police are trying to figure out hoop vandalized the francis scott key monument in baltimore. the words racist anthem were found spray painted on the statue wednesday morning. there were also red paint splashes on it. police are reviewing surveillance footage from buildings around the monument as they search for suspects. >> time is 5:51. let's take a look at the stories you're engaging with the most this morning on social media. >> maureen is back now with our realtime news tracker. >> good morning both of you. first up treasury secretary steve mnuchin and his wife making headlines again. he requested a air force jet to take them to france italy and scotland for their summer honeymoon. mnuchin requested the jet to have a secure line of communication during his trip and then later deemed his trip unnecessary. this comes after backlash a trip the couple took to kentucky. removing kaspersky labs
5:52 am
their products will be removed in the next 90 days. china is supporting the country of myanmar in what chinese leaders say is a fight against rebels. last month myanmar's military cracked down on the rehinge what nation. the military actions have forced nearly 400,000 people to flee to safety in bangladesh. ironically during a meeting of the un security council earlier this year china voted for a resolution which expressed concerns at the violence being carried out against myanmar's rohingya population. actor frank vincent has passed away. the actor was best known for his role as a new york mob boss in the sopranos. he was known for roles in martin sc
5:53 am
the game of thrones several episodes were leaked when hbo felt victim to a major hack. creators hope the multiple endings will thwart hacks. they're keeping us all entertained. >> do understand it's all really fake. [laughter] >> you mean those dragons aren't real? thank you house of umeh. time right now is 5:53. parts of kent island still recovering after a tornado touched down two months ago. a massive consignment event called resell will step in. we sell is taking place today until sunday at the prince george's sports and learning complex. >> holiday season right around the corner whether you want to believe it or not. that means it's time to make plans to attend the nat
5:54 am
christmas tree lighting. free tickets will be awarded through an online lottery which runs from october 12th through the 16th. winners will be notified on october 30th. the national christmas tree lighting will take place on the ellipse at president's park on november 30th. and we want to let you know about something very cool we have coming up tomorrow morning. we're going to have an awesome show live from joint base andrews as we help the air force celebrate its 70th birthday. it's a salute to 70. what a great time to do it with the andrews air force show as our backdrop. this as a fox5 exclusive and you're not going to believe the access we have. you can see steve right there. he was given special permission to go on board the air force presidential and executive fleet of jets. the air force took steve up in a chopper road over d.c., another exclusive. we'll share all of that and a whole lot more tomorrow. tucker is going to kick things offer at joint base andrews at 6:00 a.m. steve and allison will join him from 9:00 until 11:00. you don't want to miss it. it's a birthday party
5:55 am
>> that's cool. looking forward to that. 5:54 is the time right now. that means it's time to say good morning and hello to our facebook fans of the day. today we say hello to little miss ariel. happy sixth birthday to you. ariel's mom erica says she is funny sassy and fall of life. >> you can see it. i love it in that picture. ariel also says -- erica also says ariel has been watching us since she was able to say -- mommy, allison looks so cute today. and i know you're still saying that, ariel. she looks cute every day, right. ariel wants to be an artist or entertainer when she grows up and we have no doubt you will make that happen. >> yes. sassy. [laughter] >> such a grade word, sassy. >> yes. >> give us a little sass, mike. >> i'll do my best. that's it. that's the only sass i can muster up on a thursday morning. here's your fall countdown. fall is it on the way. it's only eight days. in fact next friday jus
5:56 am
4 o'clock in the afternoon we will that officially change seasons from what's left of summer into early fall so that's all that remains. enjoy the last week while we have it. here's your back to school forecast today. 64 to 71 degrees, a couple of showers out there especially out to the west of town. after school same deal. lots of clouds, a shower maybe even a rumble of thunder, 76 to 81, very humid degrees. all right, how about joint base andrews and their air show they're having this weekend. should actually be a decent weekend for it. saturday and sunday lots of sunshine. however, can't rule out a stray shower but again, most of us are going to stay dry all weekend long. there's your seven-day forecast here. 79 today. 80's all the way through the weekend and even into next week. all right, that's weather. time for traffic now. >> hey, right now we are tracking a lot of breaking news on the roads. we are seeing the right lane still remains blocked for concrete cleanup from an earlier disables concrete truck. as you cross the case bridge, the left lane is getting by. also keep in mind the on-ramp from ohio drive is blocked as well. so
5:57 am
mind. under 10 miles per hour. delays extend back to 110, 14th street bridge backing up as well. any questions at erin fox5 d.c. on twitter. got a lot to get through this morning. we'll be right back with your 6 o'clock hour. >> ♪ >> ♪♪ been trying to prepare for this day... and i'm still not ready. the reason i'm telling you this is that there will be moments in your life that...
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this morning the man police suspected all along in her disappearance is behind bars charged with her murder. >> plus, political theater in the white house. did the president cut a bipartisan deal on immigration with democratic leaders? mixed messages over what happened over dinner last night. >> live look outside on this thursday morning. it is september 14th. weather and traffic for you on the 5s at 6:05. >> let's catch you up on the top stories. alexandria police remain on the scene of a double stabbing. now, our cameras are in the 900 block of north henry street. the two victims stabbed about 2:30 this morning. they are at the hospital and a suspect is in custody. unclear how long police will stay out there. >> an update this morning on breaking news from last night. m street in northwest remains closed this morning while officers investigate a triple shooting. the investigation first reported as a double shooting but officers just confirmed that a third person was also shot. among the


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